​           My Grandfather, Walter George Kluge

 He passed his passion of fishing on to me when I was ​very young.  I couldn't wait to go out with him, because when we would go out fishing we caught fish!!

 Stripers, Blues, Black Fish, Fluke, Flounder and Blowfish.

  He was the Post Master of Orient and everyone who lived in Orient knew him.

​He was also well known to everyone fishing the surf at Orient Point, NY. 

​  His friends would tell me stories of how they would fish for hours with nothing to show, only to see him show up with a cigar in his mouth humming a church hymn, " he would listen to us talk about how the fish are not biting, then proceed to walk out into the water, climb onto his favorite rock, immediately start catching fish, cast after cast. By the time we would rush out and start fishing again, he was climbing down and headed to shore, cigar smoke trailing, still humming, a stringer of fish in tow".



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Mike Sudal


An exceptional graphic artist who has allowed me to display his drawings .  His work is featured in Field and Stream and Outdoor Life.