If you haven't read the book "The Hunt For Big Stripers" by Zeno Hromin, then I   

strongly suggest doing so.  It's one of those books that gets you excited and planning your nights for the next season of surf fishing.   Chapter 10, "EEL SKIN LURES", which I must have read 5 times over the winter when I got the book discusses the effectiveness of these lures.

Zeno does an excellent job discussing how to prepare the skin for use. Follow it step by step.  I was also fortunate to find an S.J. You Tube video narrated by Roger Martin on "Rigging an Eel Skin Plug".  Follow it step by step as well.    

It's a great lure, bass strike it with a vengeance..

This lure was designed and tested with skins 9 inches in length.

​              It swims at a depth between 12 and 18 inches. 

Poplar Wood

6.5 Inches Long

1 & 1/4 Inches round to fit medium to large skins

3/16  wide grove 

2 & 3/4 Ounces (without skin)

Stainless Steel Through Wired

VMC 6X  4/0 Hook

Rosco Swivel

​# 4  Stainless Split Ring